Written and performed by:
Timandra Harkness and Matt Parker
Directed and Produced by:
Chris Head
Props designed and built by:
Melis Van den Berg with Ben Spicer
Song, "Under the Curve":
words and music by:
Timandra Harkness
arrangement and guitar by:
Rob Lyons
Technical Manager:
James Lowey
Web and print design by:
Simon Wright
Props buying:
Katy Balfour
Voice over by:
Kate Dineen
Legal advice:
Rachel Savage

Thanks to:
Staff and crew at Canal Cafe Theatre, Cockpit Theatre and Assembly Rooms @ George Street; Tom Ziessen and others at Wellcome Trust; Craig Fairnington; Queen Mary University London; Dennis Harkness;
All the scientists and researchers whose work we used including: Dr. David Spiegelhalter; Professor Simon Wessely; Andrew Oswald; Phil Mullan; Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick; Dr. Sheila Bird;
Everyone who gave us feedback including: Tom Whyntie; David Moskowic; Justine Brian; Niall Crowley; Shirley Lawes; Elizabeth Fisher; Leigh Caldwell; Steve Daley; Hector Harkness; Linda Cotterill; Rob Eastaway; Sarah Gasquoine; Dave Wybrow; Simon Foster; Jo Brodie; Yasmin Hassan; David Bowden; Abi Ross-Jackson; Brid Hehir; Ian Walters; Steve Mould; and too many others to name.

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Thursday 5th Aug - Monday 30th Aug
Assembly @ George Street, Supper Room.

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Directed by Chris Head


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